Saturday, May 3, 2014

DIY 21st BDay

I'm 21!!!!!!

More on that at a later date.....

This blog post is really about a special DIY that two of my closest friends, Katrina and Emily, created to help celebrate my 21st birthday even though they were thousands of miles away!

For those of you who don't know, this semester I am studying abroad in Bilbao, Spain. I have to admit I was a little nervous to celebrate such a big milestone birthday since I am so far away from all my family and friends. As the date got closer I had a mixture of emotions being excited since I was going to celebrate in Italy during my school's Spring Break and also a little sad since I would bring in the year without my family and friends. I knew that celebrating my birthday in such a beautiful location surrounded by the vibrant Italian culture would make it even more special. However, I think that I could have been celebrating in the middle of LA w/ J Law herself (aka my idol) and I still would feel a little uneasy without the familiarity of home and the people I care about most.

Looking back, I had such a great birthday; one I will never forget. I went out with two of my new best friends in Florence, Italy, danced as long as our feet would allow it and even celebrated the American way with Tequila shots, not a minute before midnight.

What made my birthday even more special though, was this thoughtful package I came home too. I wanted to highlight this birthday DIY on my blog because it is such a cute idea and it really did make all the difference to me. The only thing that could have made my Italian birthday more perfect would be to celebrate it with my besties by my side and while that was down right near impossible, a thoughtful package filled with my favorite US treats and wrapped with a special Katrina & Emily touch was the next best thing.

I was SO excited to pick up the package that I woke up Monday morning at 7 AM, through on some sweat pants, and took my freshly made hot coffee to-go while it was still in a "to-stay" cup. Out the door and down the street I ran, through the rain and to the nearest post office. This isn't really how Spaniards do it, so I received some pretty funny looks in return. I do think I made one lady working at the post office's day because she had a great laugh and couldn't get over the fact that I brought my "desayuno" (spanish word for breakfast) with me. 

First look inside! Your everyday brown box doubles as a 21st birthday bonanza. So festive and yet from the outside, who would know? 

Packed with all my favorite things from the US!


1. Veggie Straws (necessary after a 14 day Italy vacation)
2. Iced Coffee Starbucks packets
3. Classic chick flick - How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
4. Birthday crown 
5. Two Birthday Balloons (greatest mystery of all- how did the balloons not pop?)
6. Birthday Card

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