Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ready, Set, Summer

School’s out! Time for gatherings at your friends' (house with the best food cabinet wins), bike rides to the pool, sleepovers with late night pillow talk, daily cheer practices and at home highlights in a box. You get to hangout with your besties every day without the annoying term papers, lunchroom policies, and seating charts. Spontaneity and adventures define the the summer, life is good!
Summer. After. College.
School’s out……..Crap. Goodbye sorority sisters, themed parties, drink specials, and having 50 closets at your fingertips. A lot of changes occur summer after college. Your best friends from high school have new best friends. Your job can’t consist of  taking the three kids next door to the park from 9 a.m.-12 a.m. every day. When you go to the pool there you recognize a handful of people, as opposed to the entire staff and guests. You’ve evolved. And so has your town.
Although things change, change is good. Summer remains the superior season. The possibilities of internships lurk, visits to your friend’s Florida lake house are planned and your dream gym body is only as limited as your workout regimen.
Here is a peek at my goal list for this summer:
1. Develop Age Of Experience – I love to write. I also love Nora Ephron, J. Crew, Edith Wharton, Jennifer Lawrence and so much more. I would love to share these things I from you and learn things from you as well.
2. GET INTO SHAPE!!!- Woo hoo I am 20! This month I celebrated living for 2 entire decades. I’ve decided that I need to start making exercise a priority. At different points of my life I’ve had different exercise habits, but now is when I can set the tone for my 20s. Hello YMCA!
3. Excel at my job. Internship, employment, professional ice cream scooper – WHATEVER I end up doing this summer I hope to excel at it! Making relationships is so important during this time and I would love to start developing a strong network.
4. Nourish Relationships. I love the people in my life! They are all amazing in different ways. Who would I be without my sorority sisters driving me to Mccy D’s for a late night Diet Coke and French Fry pick-me-up after a nightmarish date event, or my old roommates Chipotle catch-ups. (Strange how every great memory involves food in some way) I am so lucky for the friends and family that I do have, no matter where I am in life it’s always important to me to have them.

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